Vacation in Utila Honduras

Start your vacation form the luxurious Odyssey Resort in Utila Honduras! When you stay at the Odyssey, just a short walk away from Utila city center, you will find all the amenities and activities you need to make your vacation perfect. With local cuisine and food from around the island, you will feel relaxed and refreshed in what was once a pirate base. Utila offers a host of options from scuba diving to snorkeling, from rock climbing to yoga classes, or just personal reflection on the beach with a book. The waterfalls are not too far away either for an excellent day trip without leaving the island.

Our scuba dive trainers are top notch and will make sure you receive proper training before testing out your skills in the open water, with over 20 dive spots within minutes from the island. If you need any assistance arranging transportation or activities during your stay, don’t hesitate to ask our front desk for information on how to explore Utila!

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  1. Took this boat tour together with the whole family and we were fully satisfied. Thank you!

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